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What is NetSetGo?


NetSetGo is ‘netball’ for boys and girls aged 5 - 10 years.  It is a national program, designed to be age appropriate and supportive.  It allows boys and girls to have fun while they learn to play netball. 

How does NetSetGo work at Brunswick Byron Netball ?


At Brunswick Byron Netball Association we provide two tiers of NetSetGo:


NET Tier is for 5 - 7 year old boys and girls.  It is a skills based program of 8 weeks duration that introduces netball skills and concepts.  It is run by the association.  There is no training, just Saturday fun.  You can sign up through your club.


SET Tier is for 8 - 10 year old boys and girls.  This is when a game of netball is introduced with modified rules.  The goal post is lower and there is flexibility to allow the players to have fun and feel safe while they learn the game at their own pace.  It is non-competitive, a fun learning experience and scores are not kept.  Each club at our association offers this tier and has weekly training. Sign up with your club.


Depending on an individual’s development, skills and ability, some 7 year old boys and girls may play in the Set Tier and some 10 year old boys and girls may play up in the U12 division with ‘real’ rules.  Please discuss with your club.

When and Where do we Play NetSetGo?

The Net Tier (5 - 7 yrs) is played for eight weeks in term two of the school year.  We always play at the netball courts in Mullumbimby.  The session will start at 12.30 pm and finish at 1.30pm.  Be there by 12.20pm and be ready to start on time.

The Set Tier (8 - 10 yrs) has a training session once per week and a game on Saturdays.  Check with your club for training day and time.  The season runs from March to mid August.  Games are played at the netball courts in Mullumbimby on Saturdays from 12.30 - 1.30 pm.  Arrive by 12.10pm to warm up and prepare for the game.  There are no games during the school holidays.

What can Parents do to Help?

  • At Brunswick Byron Netball we like to give our kids a fun time.  We like parents to encourage children with positive and fun comments.

  • Coaches are always needing help at training and games so don’t be shy.

  • Help out when your team has set up duty.  Many hands make light work.

  • Make sure your child arrives at training and game on time.

  • Remember that everyone at netball is a volunteer.  They are doing their best with the time they have so please remember to appreciate their efforts.

  • Put your hand up and volunteer.  There is always a job.

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